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Community Guidelines

The purpose of the community guidelines is to ensure the safety, well-being, and morality of posts, comments, users, and guests. Coinventory proudly stands by its community guidelines and will issue consequences based on the severity of the action.


1. Universal Guidelines

  1. No racism
  2. No excess or absurd profanity
  3. No illegal activity
  4. No nudity, pornographic or graphic content
  5. Use of copyrighted material is strictly forbidden
  6. Do not beg, ask for donations, ask for people to invest in you, or give you a loan
  7. Give credit where credit is due; use links, quotes, etc.
  8. Releasing of other people’s personal information without their consent is forbidden
  9. Gaining access to accounts that do not belong to you is strictly forbidden


2. Posts

  1. No spam or short, low-quality posts
  2. No inappropriate images
  3. No illegal activity
  4. Only post your own, original content
  5. Please attempt to provide sources for any information that you provide



  1. Do not bash or flame on posts, instead use constructive criticism
  2. Keep comments relevant to the post
  3. Please attempt to provide sources for any information that you provide


4. Profiles

  1. Impersonating or claiming to be someone you’re not is strictly forbidden
  2. Selling of accounts is not allowed
  3. Having multiple accounts is strictly forbidden unless you have explicit permission from a member of staff
  4. Abusing accounts and providing services such as follows for money will result in a ban


5. API

  1. Do not abuse the API, this includes but is not limited to; sending requests too fast or using other people’s

The purpose of Coinventory is to bring together a group of like-minded individuals to gain knowledge and spread ideas. Please do your part and play by the rules. If there are any questions or concerns feel free to contact any staff member or make a post and your inquiry will be attended to.